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Yep. Yep.  Mmmhmm. Yeah. I’ve made cakes before. Delicious, moist, fluffy cakes. Sometimes with frosting, sometimes glaze, sometimes with just a dusting of powdered sugar. But I’ve never made a layer cake.  And we all know that presentation isn’t my strong suit. I’ve always wanted […]

Catch Up

Catch Up

Hello! Oh my gosh, it’s been so long! You *look* fantastic! *I can’t really see you, but knowing you, I can assume. What have I been up to?  Oh geez, where do I start? Well, we’ve been moving.  And that’s seriously hectic. Have you ever […]

Exciting Stuff Indeed

Exciting Stuff Indeed

I really do mean to post with some kind of regularity, so I apologize for disappearing. I promise that soon I will post more often.

It’s just that, things have been happening.  Exciting things.  Like, big, awesome, things.

We’re moving!

Before you freak out, we’re staying in Missoula.  I’m not sure we’d ever choose to leave this town.  But we’re moving into a house.  With a yard.  And a garage.  And wood floors.  And the dryer won’t be in the kitchen!
See? Only the dryer is in there. The washer is in another part of the apartment. Ridiculous, no?

We are super excited, but it’s going to be a big change. We’ve lived in our apartment for over six years. Six years of good neighbors.  Bad neighbors. People walking over head. Parties. Car alarms.  Pregnancy.  First steps.  Bike rides.  No kids our son’s age. Lots of kids our son’s age.

It will involve a change of schools.  Leaving the Northside neighborhood we’ve grown to love so much.  Trying to pack up six years worth of stuff and moving it across town.

But it will also involve exploring a new neighborhood.  A yard with a fence!  A garden!!  A big trampoline!!! (Be still, my dancer’s heart!)  Getting used to a new oven.  Backyard bbqs.  Mowing grass, for the first time ever.

All the amazing things that are involved with moving your things, your heart, your sense of home into a new space, and making that place your heart, your home.

It’s scary.

It’s exciting.

It’s stressful.

It makes me feel like a kid.

I can’t wait.

Be patient with me while I sort through our life and pack it into boxes.  I can’t promise that I’ll post much during the next few weeks, but I can promise to take lots of pictures, and check in with you now and then.  Because you know you’re coming with me, right?  I promise, it’s going to be great.  You’ll like it.

There’s a trampoline.



That’s not me. But that’s how I felt all weekend. You see, Farmer’s Market is back. And it was Brew Fest. I don’t drink beer (still. Shocking, I know), but I got to people watch, and dog watch, and kayak watch. I got to hear […]

Flathead Lake Brewing

Flathead Lake Brewing

I still hate beer.  I know!  I’ m sorry!  (Sort of)  That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good pour. We have been Kettle House people forever. I mean, until Kettle House Northside opened up. We’re still totally Kettle House people, but we’re also Big […]



I love sushi! There, I’ve said it. Now everyone knows.
Right now the vast majority of my family is cringing in disgust. If only they knew!

How on earth do I know about sushi, seeing as how I live in a land-locked state? Fortunately for us, Missoula has not one, but two excellent sushi joints. And each has not one, but two dollar nights–making dollar sushi possible four nights a week, if one is so inclined.

Of the two fine establishments, Nara Korean Barbecue & Sushi has us coming back again and again. It may have something to do with the amazing sushi:

Or getting to watch very small people use chopsticks:

Or getting to watch very small people not use chopsticks:
Both of these photos were taken with a camera phone several years ago. Does that tell you how long we’ve been eating at Nara?

The staff is amazing, too. More often then not, Nick will ask the server to surprise him, rather than just ordering from the menu. They don’t get flustered or angry at him, they just smile and nod and bring something amazing from the kitchen. Now that’s service! I wouldn’t recommend doing this every time you go in, but when you’re feeling adventurous it’s definitely worth the mystery.

There are some places that, despite being a business or restaurant, make you feel like family. We walk in and we know we’re going to get an excellent meal, but we also know they won’t glare at us if we have a fussy kid–he might just get rice candy or a toy to borrow. We know that they won’t rush us out of our table, even if it’s a dollar night in July and there’s a line out the door. We know that after a hard day, nothing beats great sushi and a shot of warm sake.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never tried sushi. Just go visit Nara out on Reserve.
Go ahead, I’ll wait. No really, go eat some sushi!

What food makes your family shudder?

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Did you know you can make your own fruit leather? I guess I knew that in theory, but it just never crossed my mind as one of those things I’d actually try. Ok, so this is one of those things that Nick tried. I’m too […]

Trial, Error & Fig Bars

Trial, Error & Fig Bars

I need a pastry cutter. It started out so simply… So straightforward… But, like everything else in my life, if it seems too easy, I’ll over-complicate it.  I don’t plan it that way, it just happens. I had seen this recipe on one of my […]

Summer Food

Summer Food


Spring in Montana is a volatile thing.

In the same week, we’ve gone from beautiful, sunny, 50F, to cloudy, windy and snowy. C’est la vie in ol’ MT.

When we were in the throes of sunny rapture, we got together with our friends and had a dinner of summer-ish foods. Namely, bbq pizza and grilled asparagus. Nothing groundbreaking or original, I know, but it made us all think of warm weather and back yard bbq’s.

Plus, is there anything better than grilled asparagus?

All you have to do is throw your asparagus in a bag with some olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt. Let that marinate while you assemble your pizza.

Sliced Pineapple

Cooked chicken, smothered in Frank’s Hot Sauce

Toss them both together until everything’s covered.


We used two different sauces for the base–Frank’s and Stubb’s. Frank’s is hot and spicy, while Stubb’s is smoky and sweet. It makes a delicious combination.

We spread out the sauce, added some freshly grated mozzarella, then topped it with the chicken, pineapple and some sliced onion.

When you bake your pizza, put the asparagus on the grill. They’ll get done about the same time, depending on how big the asparagus stalks are. Don’t forget to check on the stalks often, and roll them a few times so that they cook completely through.

Oh mama. This meal made me think of this:

And this:

We’re getting closer. Maybe I’ll break out my Chaco’s and speed things along…
Think it will work? Here’s hoping 🙂

Winter Walk

Winter Walk

It’s a well known fact that I hate winter.  Not that I have anything against light, fluffy snowflakes or ice skating–I just hate being cold. I mean, I absolutely, wholeheartedly, unabashedly HATE being cold. Maybe it stems from the fact that I got hypothermia when […]