Winter Brew Fest

Missoula loves to celebrate. Especially when it comes to beer.

So twice a year we have a Brew Fest to celebrate all the local and regional brews we have access to.


Unfortunately, I don’t like beer.

At all.

This wouldn’t be so bad if my husband weren’t a home brewer.
White Wine & Fruit
I like sangria. And wine soaked fruit when the sangria runs out.

Even still, I’d never miss a Brew Fest.

I like going for the people,

the food,
Cajun Style
Alligator(!) bites, grit cakes, and beignets.

and the opportunity to bring the family.

Brew Baby

And when the news crews show up,

you know you’re in for a good time.

Thanks Missoula! Can’t wait for the summer Brew Fest!

Flathead Lake Brewing

I still hate beer.  I know!  I’ m sorry!  (Sort of)  That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good pour.


We have been Kettle House people forever. I mean, until Kettle House Northside opened up. We’re still totally Kettle House people, but we’re also Big Sky people, Bayern people, and now Flathead Lake Brewing people.

Sapore, the restaurant downstairs is a bit pricey for spur of the moment dinner. But the tasting room upstairs had excellent appetizers and delicious sounding entrees, and everything was pretty reasonably priced.

The decor was beautiful, too! They renovated one of the older buildings in Missoula, so it was brick and wrought iron, mountain views and natural sunlight. We went after work on a weeknight, and although we had to wait a few minutes for a table (about 10), there wasn’t a bad spot in the whole place.

And then of course there’s the beer. I can’t vouch for deliciousness, but I did sample the Espresso Porter and I actually tasted espresso–pleasantly so! If you like beer, you should tell me what you think. Nick’s favorite was the IPA2, but it was a “little” hop-y for me 😉

Whether you like beer or not, this is definitely a place to check out. Even if it’s just to sip a root beer, eat some nachos and gaze out the windows.