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How I Actually Make Chili These Days

How I Actually Make Chili These Days

My sister texted me to ask if I had a chili recipe that was any good. My first thought was, “Are you kidding me? I must make chili once a week! It’s awesome!” But I told her to go to my blog and find the […]

Lime Kabobs

Lime Kabobs

Hello friends. That was somewhat lackluster… Hello friends! How’s your summer going? We’ve been pretty busy, but we’ve managed to do 90% of all the very fun things we love to do when it’s warm outside. You know, Farmers Market, canoe trips down the river, […]

Dinner I pulled out of my…

Dinner I pulled out of my…


I pulled this dinner out of my brain.

I completely made it up on the fly, and pretended to know what I was doing.

I’ve heard of people making roux, and figured I could pretend to know how to do it too.
This is flour and beef broth. Not a roux. Close enough?

This is onion and some unidentified orange thing that could possibly be bell pepper. I told you this was done on the fly.

Beef sounded like a good idea, so I threw some in.

And I didn’t want to over cook the beef just yet*, so I pulled it out of the pan to rest.
*I frequently-accidentally overcook beef, so now I kinda plan for it.

And what goes better with beef than potatoes? Carrots? Both.
At least the mysterious orange thing is explained.

And then I thought, “Shoot! I should have added herbs and spices!” I proceeded to madly throw around spice bottles until finding this one. Then I thought, “Oh sweet, savory.”
What exactly is “Savory” made from? I didn’t have time to care. Stuff was cooking. I threw it on the meat and stirred it around.

And then I added more beef broth, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.
And it was.

All together, resting comfortably.

So, naturally, I tucked everything in.

I happened to have an extra pie crust, because earlier in the day I figured that if you’re making one pie crust, you might as well make two.

It’s solid logic.

And then I had some time on my hands, and decided that I should at least attempt to give this dinner the appearance of forethought. So I made it look pretty.

And there you have dinner!

Surprisingly, this was excellent. It got approval from all the men in the house. I was told that I could make it again. Should make it again, even!


At least I have pictures to guide me?
Recipes are for chumps!
I guess it’s back to the kitchen for me.
Darn 😉

If I can figure out how I made this, I’ll post a recipe that includes actual quantities of ingredients.

And now for dinner

And now for dinner

I know, I know–it’s not pie. It’s Beef and Broccoli. But it’s seriously delicious! And healthy! I mean, look at this That’s a lot of vegetables, my friend. And even though the meat was delicious, juicy, and tender, this photo makes it look completely unappealing. […]

Coffee Braised Beef

Coffee Braised Beef

Apparently we’ve been eating a lot of chicken lately. I hadn’t even thought about it, but then again, I can happily eat the same things over and over again. (Not a great quality for a food blogger, I realize.) I think beef is intimidating for […]