Groovin' in the kitchen, dancin' in Missoula.

Kitchen Life

Kitchen Life

Content with life in Missoula

Craft Project using gallon sized glass jars

Dance New Works I have amazing friends

Exciting Stuff Indeed big changes in the Kitchen

Forward Motion remembering

How I Roll just me chasing the sunlight

Hump Day Nuggets inspired by dig this chick

I’m Still Here living the dream

Merry Christmas 2011 the one where I scream at my family

Missoula, how I love thee

Owww strep is the devil


Sous Chef rocks my socks

Spice Rack Upgrade!

Summa is my favorite

Summer Recap I didn’t post once all summer. This one’s full of pictures to prove I wasn’t in a cave the whole time.


We live in a semi-arid region

This thing that happens after a long winter

Turnout keeping sight of my passion

Winter Brew Fest Missoula does love a festival

Winter Walk they made me go outside!

Yesterday with the Pioneer Woman

14 Things highlighting my love of the exclamation point

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