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Food Bowl Day!

Food Bowl Day!

Happy Super Bowl!

I have to admit that I don’t really have a team today (or any day, for that matter). I really enjoy watching the super bowl, and I watch football on occasion, but we live in Montana. No professional teams here. I usually pick the team that isn’t getting cheered for at our house and root for them. I like the friendly rivalry. I think that this year our group will be pretty evenly split though, so maybe I’ll cheer for both teams 🙂

Super bowl is all about the food and commercials for me, and I’m really ok with that! Especially when your husband is making the amazingness that is smoked, bacon-wrapped meat.

But I’m contributing too! I’m making the absolute best brownies in the world! (Recipe coming soon) And no brownie will ever be complete again without this caramel sauce. There might even be ice cream involved (Salted Starship Brownie, Missoulians?)

I’d love to make these Settlers of Catan nacho bowls, but I think I will end up making spicy baked potato bites instead, since we’ll have plenty of chips and salsa.

Oh and wings! Those are absolutely happening today too!

What are you making?

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