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How to make friends at parties in 8 easy steps

Step one: Roast a head of garlic and a red bell pepper.
Comment repeatedly about how the roasted red pepper looks like a flower.
Vegetable or Flower?

Step two: Find a brie baker.
This one was made by my very talented mother in law. If you don’t have a brie baker, or a very talented mother in law, any oven safe container with a lid will work.

Step three: Place brie, garlic, and sliced red pepper into the brie baker. (You can remove the brie shell or leave it on. We prefer to scrape most of it off.)

Step four: Bake the brie at 350F for 10-15 minutes.

Step five: Remove the brie from the oven. Do not inhale! (It’s really hot)

Step six: Ogle the baked brie. It smells like cheese heaven. Then tell everyone again how much a roasted red pepper looks like a flower. Show them the pictures as proof.

Step seven: Serve with homemade baguette. (Or, if you’re not a foodie dork like me, buy a really high quality baguette, slice it up and just tell everyone it’s homemade. When they ask for your recipe, tell them it’s a strictly guarded family secret. Or you could give them my recipe. Either way, your secret’s safe with me.)
Apple Pies

Step eight: Bask in the glory that is baked brie. Try not to let it go to your head when everyone raves about how amazing it is.

Friends will be made, and food will be eaten. Done and done!

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