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Summer Food


Spring in Montana is a volatile thing.

In the same week, we’ve gone from beautiful, sunny, 50F, to cloudy, windy and snowy. C’est la vie in ol’ MT.

When we were in the throes of sunny rapture, we got together with our friends and had a dinner of summer-ish foods. Namely, bbq pizza and grilled asparagus. Nothing groundbreaking or original, I know, but it made us all think of warm weather and back yard bbq’s.

Plus, is there anything better than grilled asparagus?

All you have to do is throw your asparagus in a bag with some olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt. Let that marinate while you assemble your pizza.

Sliced Pineapple

Cooked chicken, smothered in Frank’s Hot Sauce

Toss them both together until everything’s covered.


We used two different sauces for the base–Frank’s and Stubb’s. Frank’s is hot and spicy, while Stubb’s is smoky and sweet. It makes a delicious combination.

We spread out the sauce, added some freshly grated mozzarella, then topped it with the chicken, pineapple and some sliced onion.

When you bake your pizza, put the asparagus on the grill. They’ll get done about the same time, depending on how big the asparagus stalks are. Don’t forget to check on the stalks often, and roll them a few times so that they cook completely through.

Oh mama. This meal made me think of this:

And this:

We’re getting closer. Maybe I’ll break out my Chaco’s and speed things along…
Think it will work? Here’s hoping 🙂

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