Groovin' in the kitchen, dancin' in Missoula.


Yesterday, I was in the car for 4 hours.

I drank a Sugar Free Redbull, a latte, and 24 oz of water.  I felt like Nancy Botwin (except for the whole drug dealer thing).

I went from Missoula to Helena to Great Falls, and eventually back to Helena.  My son was there for the whole ride, and we picked up one of my sisters along the way.

We didn’t have time to stop for dinner on account of the two pit stops we had to make.  Someone had to go potty.  I’m blaming the kid, but you all know the truth.

We parked about two blocks away, and practically had to run to make it on time.  Once inside, “we” had to go potty. Again.

There were a lot of people wearing cowboy hats.  The ten gallon variety.  (We were in Great Falls, after all.)

I had the best time!  Wanna know why?


Can’t you tell?

Oh. Hang on.

Does that help?

Really? Oh all right!


Cue the uncontrollable giggling.

I met The Pioneer Woman!!

Ree Drummond came to Great Falls for a book signing and speaking engagement, and I knew I couldn’t let her get that close without seeing her.  (Whoa, that sounded way less stalker-ish in my head…)

In her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels:  A Love Story, Ree describes how she met her husband, fell in love, and was swept away from city living to life in the country.  It’s hilarious, sweet, down to earth, and totally addicting.  Just like her blog.

After speaking (and singing!) to a room full of people, she graciously sat for hours meeting everyone and signing copies of her novel and cookbook.

That’s a lot of autographs!

It’s so cool to meet someone so famous, but it’s waaay cooler that she was so gracious, sweet and friendly. (There goes that stalker voice again. Sorry!  It’s true though.)

Yesterday will be one of those days that I will always remember.  And be totally giddy about.

Have you ever gotten to meet a famous person?

Other than signing my book for me, The Pioneer Woman has no idea who I am.  I’m not getting paid for recommending her book or blog, I just really like reading them and thought you might as well.  Go check them out sometime 🙂

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