Groovin' in the kitchen, dancin' in Missoula.

Dance New Works

When I was in school, it was called the Dance Showcase.  Dance New Works is way cooler.

Living in Missoula, I have the opportunity to see original choreography and performance about 4 times per year–just from the University of Montana School of Theatre and Dance.  It totally rocks!  And makes me miss performing in a bad, bad way.  Which, in turn, inspires me.

If you have some time this evening, tomorrow afternoon, or tomorrow evening, please please please go support my amazing friends.  There are two different shows, Program I (tomorrow night) and Program II (tonight and tomorrow afternoon).  Program I is more suited to adult audiences, but I’ve heard that Program II is very family friendly.  I have seen Program I, and can vouch for its awesomeness (and adult content–hilarious and otherwise), and I’ll be going to the other show tomorrow afternoon.

And in case you don’t believe how fabulous the dancers and their works are, here’s a little teaser.  (Sorry for the blur, my lens doesn’t zoom.)







I hope to see you there!

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