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Winter Walk

It’s a well known fact that I hate winter.  Not that I have anything against light, fluffy snowflakes or ice skating–I just hate being cold.

I mean, I absolutely, wholeheartedly, unabashedly HATE being cold.

Maybe it stems from the fact that I got hypothermia when I was three.  Or maybe because my fingers go numb even while wearing two pairs of gloves.  Or maybe it’s because both my husband and son will leap out of bed if my frozen popsicle toes come anywhere near them.

Who knows?

What I do know, is that it takes a lot of bribery, patience, sheer force of will and manpower to get me to spend any length of time outside when it’s the least bit cold.

On Sunday, I found myself outside in Greenough Park.  I had on:  long johns, jeans, snow pants, cotton socks, wool socks, undershirt, regular shirt, and an over shirt (that was actually worn in the Antarctic!  Cool story), I also had on a hat, heavy winter coat and gloves.  Normally, I’d wear two pairs of gloves, but the official reason for going out was to go on a photo walk, and I needed my fingers to be functional.

These boots were made for walking.

And apparently, so were these.

I truly do love nature, but I’ll admit that I’m kind of prissy about it. Which is funny considering I was a huge tomboy growing up. It’s the cold, I’m telling you!

I had so much fun though! It was a balmy 22F outside (which is pretty good for winter in Montana). The sun had finally come out for the first time in weeks, which made for some glorious sights.












I have to tell you, we were all warm and sweaty at the end of the Greenough loop. I’d definitely do it again, but it will take far less convincing to get me outside come May.

And bribes never hurt.

If you’d like to see all the photos from the day, just go here.

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