Groovin' in the kitchen, dancin' in Missoula.


I’m sick.

Sick sick sick.

After watching my husband and son both suffer through some illness, it appears that I now have whatever they did.  I started to get it when they had it, but then got better.  Now I’m sick for realsies.  Sore throat and ears, swollen glands, fever, watery eyes, the whole nine yards.  The whole enchilada.  The full monte.  The (cough hack oww!)…ok, I’m done.

I felt totally fine yesterday!  But already I’m at that point where it hurts to swallow, and even though I have almonds in my lunch and my tummy is kind of growling, the thought of trying to swallow those almonds makes me cringe.  Eventually, I’ll bite the bullet and go buy some soup from the food court at work.  But for now, I’m content to sit and whine at you.  Sorry.

I don’t mean to make you feel bad for me, or make you feel like you need to bring me soup (though that would be lovely).  I just wanted to let you know that I probably won’t be doing anything exciting in the kitchen for a few days.  Except maybe some green smoothies.  Those are exciting.  And soothing on sore throats.

Until I’m feeling a bit more sprightly, and considerably less whiny, I thought I’d leave you with some happy thoughts.

One of my favorite pick-me-ups.

One of my favorite smile inducers.

And finally, just a little something to brighten your day.

See you again soon!

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